Absorption cooling device plants

Chilling using waste heat

A convincing system with a high degree of efficiency


Absorption chillers make effective use of waste heat. They consist of a coolant and a solvent circuit with several heat exchangers, pressurized tanks and pumps. Thermal compressors are used in place of mechanical compressors. The pressure increase needed for the evaporator can be reached without problem in the liquid phase using centrifugal pumps. With this system minus 30°C/minus 22° F can be reached in a compact unit.

Strong partner – high performance

We manufacture absorption chilling systems in cooperation with our long standing partner, Mattes Engineering GmbH. Together we successfully realized a high performance absorption chilling system for the cold storage of a large meat logistic center, where the waste heat from a gas turbine is utilized to generate minus 15°C/plus 5 F.

Your benefits

The degree of efficiency increases substantially in comparison to compression cooling systems; at the same time the electrical operating and maintenance costs are decreased. Additionally the primary energy (waste heat) is used more efficiently and to a higher degree. The systems are built using a self-supporting frame, eliminating the need for an additional steel construction. The highest production and quality standards guarantee the highest level of availability and minimize the need for maintenance and repairs.




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