Non-destructive testing

Certified testing procedures and expertise

Analysis, test, solution

The test personnel from our quality control department at FST Industrie GmbH is certified as per DIN EN 473 and can perform both manual non-destructive as well as mechanical-technological standard tests. Prior to all these we comprehensively analyze the respective as-is state with a forward-looking problem solving approach.

Comprehensive testing services

Our non-destructive tests encompass visual (VT) and x-ray (RT). Additionally we conduct tests for surface defects (MT, PT), pressure and leakage (LT).

The entire spectrum of our testing capabilities

FST performs pressure tests according to AD 2000, i. e. HP 30 (with water and gases) as well as rupture tests according to the technical rules document AD 2000, (Bulletin A1, “Bursting Safety Devices”) and ASME VIII, Div. 1 (UD-Stamp). Our testing portfolio is complemented by electrical and mechanical function and layer thickness tests.




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Quality and Environmental Management Certificate

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