Medium voltage and ATEX circuit breakers

Circuit breakers, ground making switches, mine shaft switches and sending magnets

Examples of FST’s circuit breaker range

FST has been manufacturing the most varied types of circuit breakers for years. These include Siemens circuit breakers and ground switches, both as individual pieces or in series, manual or motor driven. For use in classified areas, we qualify and manufacture circuit breakers according to ATEX standards, including the necessary accessories and spare parts. Here, too: FST Industrie manufactures devices from high volumes to the lowest volumes or even individual pieces.

  • 22289090645b0207a402c1bdf73d7436.jpg

    circuit breaker – 3CF

  • d2aa6316fba700f2af43c48052b1acb2.jpg

    ground making switches – 3CX

  • 982b179b87ab15b2b75a15b14ae1a888.jpg

    mine shaft switches – C253154 / sending magnet – V24584




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