Vacuum & compressor units

Stainless steel chemical process units

Indispensable in many areas

Vacuum and compressor units are used in a variety of ways, for example in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for distillation, crystallization and filling. In the steel industry they are used in vacuum filtration and degasification. In the plastic industry they are used for the compression of VC gases and in vacuum calibration.

Powerful and efficient

The intake volume is 250 to 40,000 m3/h. The intake pressure is 1 mbar absolute by means of root pumps, gas or steam ejectors; compression pressures up to 13 bar.

Your benefits

The entire unit is designed and built by FST Industrie GmbH. FST manufactures the steel and stainless steel base frames, supporting frames and noise protection enclosures and purchases the specific components. We equip the units with high quality measurement and control technology. Detailed and precise documentation enables the smooth flow of both commissioning and future operation. All of these intricate units are assembled at our facility and run in our test rig.




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