Welding processes

Components with high quality welded joints

A multitude of materials

For more than 25 years FST Industrie GmbH has been welding the most varied high alloy materials. These include ordinary steel and stainless steel, as well as cast aluminum alloys and forgeable alloys that place very high demands on the joining quality.

A detailed look at one of our services

A portion of our work encompasses high-current components made of aluminum used for power distribution, orbital welding, aluminum welding and welding processes for stainless steel and special materials.

Sophisticated technology and methodology

For years we have successfully deployed demanding orbital welding technology. This has allowed us to achieve better process monitoring and a high degree of process certainty and reproducibility. Very little oxide is created and the production periods remain short. For aluminum welding we have the necessary know-how and equipment to weld the increasingly popular aluminum alloys in all shapes and dimensions.




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