Flow metering devices

Lubricating oil meters and rotary piston flow meters

Reliable mechanical devices

Within the framework of instrumentation, FST Industrie GmbH manufactures rotary piston flow meters for many different liquids. Forty years ago, Siemens AG introduced the first lubricating oil meter onto the European market. This device manufactured by FST Industrie GmbH is the standard lubricating oil meter used today. Our technically mature product range of lubricating oil meters represents the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and robustness.

Portable and stationary meters
Manual meters and stationary built-in meters

The FST product portfolio also includes portable meters for use on non-stationary tubing or stationary built-in meters for stationary tubing. Both our portable and our fixed meters for industry and workshop use have PTB type approvals for custody transfer.

Here are examples of meters manufactured by FST Industrie GmbH according to the rotary piston flow measuring principle.

Fuel pump nozzle to be connected onto filler hose as regular or custody transfer version. With and without custody transfer certification.

For use on non-stationary tubing. With and without custody transfer certification.

  • 02d05131c7ccb341e6fbcd6b6b10101d.jpg

    Manual meter 7MS1111

  • 1d3017e6cb7f42fb752d3407012b8b0d.jpg

    Built-in meter 7MS1113

  • 649aeb1bb301455e674f5470fb1b0443.jpg

    Built-in meter 7MS1122-3A

Rotary piston flow meters

A small device with a big effect

Rotary piston flow meters

Rotary piston flow meters are characterized by a high degree of accuracy, compact design and high scalability. Their field of application ranges from fluids of high to low viscosity or aggressive media, whereby the pressure drop remains low. These meters are used in the oil and basic materials industries.

FST quality features

Thanks to their high accuracy, the meters are certified for custody transfer. They can be used for flow rates of up to 1000 l/min (264 USgpm). Their have a low viscosity coefficient and a low pressure loss. Their design is simple and compact and a wide range of wetted materials are possible, for example enamel for very aggressive media.

Technical specifications

Temperature of the medium: max. 300 °C / max. 572 °F
Accuracy: ±0,2%
Fluid pressure: up to 63 bar / up to 914 psi




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